Mexican Doll Graphic Tote

Designer: Chalupa Y Buenas

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Size: One Size- 11.5 in. (L) X 11.5 in. (W)

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High Quality Mexican Doll Jute Bag. Reusable and Natural. Made in Mexico. 100% Handmade.

Make chores fun again with this fun Jute Market Bag with Mexican pop art and a colorful tassel and pom pom detail! This is the famous Xoloitzcuintli dog, a hairless Mexican dog breed. 

"Chalupa y Buenas" Design Studio is all about imagination and design in an effort to be fun and unique. With our eclectic collections we encourage personal style in your lifestyle and home décor. We span the globe to find textures and materials to excite the inner spirit, in the hopes of speaking to everyone's personal and diverse style. 

Jute totes are a type of reusable bag that are made from the fibers of the jute plant. Here are some of the benefits of using jute totes:

  1. Eco-Friendly: Jute is a natural, renewable resource that is biodegradable and compostable. Jute totes are therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags, which take a long time to decompose and can harm wildlife and the environment.

  2. Durable: Jute fibers are naturally strong and durable, making jute totes sturdy and long-lasting. They can hold heavy items without tearing or stretching, and are therefore ideal for grocery shopping, carrying books, or other items.

  3. Breathable: Jute fibers are naturally breathable, so jute totes allow air to circulate, preventing moisture buildup and keeping contents dry. This makes them ideal for carrying fruits, vegetables, or other items that need to be kept fresh. 

Overall, jute totes are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a reusable bag that is environmentally-friendly, durable, versatile, breathable, and affordable.

**Important: Due to the product being hand-made or artisanal, colors and designs may vary. Expect a 90-96% resemblance to the photo. Pom Pom colors may vary. Thank you for understanding**


Chalupa y Buenas

This is a Mexican brand who specializes in Mexican pop culture, music, and art references that many of us have come to love. Their market bags and pencil bags use quality natural jute and coarse cloth materials. Their mugs use the highest quality metals. The graphic prints add the final touch!

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