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Our in-house products are made exclusively for Flor de Jade. They are 100% handmade and artisanal. Made in small batches, not mass produced. They embody the joy and beauty of Latinamerican cultures. These products are definitely one of a kind. 

Clothing and Accessories

Creative Baby

These products are designed by a family in Peru who have been weaving for 5 generations. Their products are made with natural and hypoallergenic fibers, 100% handmade. Each design amounts to the experience of 5 generations of weavers, whose hands create the most unique designs. 
Find our best-selling cardigans on our website from CreatiBaby.

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The word ‘Sumaqlla’ means ‘beautiful’ in Quecha, a Mayan dialect spoken throughout South America. This is a Peruvian brand whose artisans create natural Peruvian wool products with a modern concept. From wool beanies, vibrant pom poms, to pom pom accessories!

Their creations truly embody the word ‘Sumaqlla’. 

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Cool pins for cool people. Handmade aluminum pins are hand painted with nail polish by the artist in Mexico. The artist offers a variety of pins that refer to pop culture and art, especially from millennial’s childhood. Fcons like Frida Khalo and David Bowie. Stay tuned for new pins as the artist is always creating new designs!.

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Chulupa Buenas

This is a Mexican brand who specializes in Mexican pop culture, music, and art references that many of us have come to love. Their market bags and pencil bags use quality natural jute and coarse cloth materials. Their mugs use the highest quality metals. The graphic prints add the final touch! If you love Mexican culture as much as we do, we highly recommend you check out these products!

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Good Bad Stitches

This Artisas is from Mexico. Hand embroidered patches!It is inspired by pop art and the 90s
Easy to put on just by applying heat!

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Home Decor and Others

Artesanias Xalitla

Mexican crafts created by its inhabitants who since childhood have received the teachings of their parents and these in turn from their parents passing this knowledge from generation to generation starting with his first Mexican artisans Mr. Gregorio Rutilo who after having dedicated himself to agriculture were diminished because the river that crossed the town gradually dried up until it was impossible to continue with these tasks, thus beginning its artisan history, painting in cardboard until an American brought them the Amate paper to do some tests, its success being such that Don Gregorio Rutilo was taken to Chicago and New York to paint in some galleries.

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Rincon Himalaya

Rincon Himalaya is a family business with more than 30 years of experience in products from India and the East.

They choose the best products based on their constant visits to magical places in India and the East so you can enjoy them in your home.

They have a series of their own brands with the best quality, which are endorsed by our loyal consumers.

They are also official distributors in Chile for the best brands of incense in the world.

Check out our hand-picked collection just for you!

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From Santiago de Chile looking for the opportunity to offer products that seek to change the current lifestyle of people and perhaps in the future to be able to change entire communities! 

As Brush Co. they always aim to deliver the best possible price. We urgently need to create a planet with no waste and we want to do our bit! 

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